Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bahla Fort

Hi everyone,

we are grade 11 students from Oman. we are glad to post some description and photos about one of UNESCO sites which called Bahla Fort. Bahla Fort Bahla fort, one of the historic and most beautiful forts, is located in Oman which is one of the Gulf countries in the Arabian Peninsula. The fort was included in UNESCO World Heritage in 1987. Most of the fort's walls have fallen due to the rain season. Therefore, it was included in the list of World Heritage Sites endangered from 1988. As a result, restoration work has begun by the Omani government and the UNESCO. In 2004 it was removed from the list of endangered sites .The fort was built during 13th and 14th centuries by an Arabic tribe called (Banu Nabhan) who controlled the area at that time. The walls were made of mud and it is very big fort with many rooms and arched doors and windows. It reflects the great skills of people in designing and constructing. The fort is surrounded by an eleven-kilometer wall long. Inside the wall there are palm tress gardens and an old suq.

The attached photos might speak more about the fort.

done by abdullah Al-Mahrooqi

Mohammad Al-Tamimi

Bilarab Bin Sultan school

Oman- Bahla

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  1. you are welcome to visit our country and see more and more sites.